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Physicians Must Stay Current On Emerging Medicine

K2P Distills Emerging Medical Advances So You Learn Faster

Medicine is constantly changing. Physician education should change with it. We develop relevant, personalized, and meaningful education that easily fits into the time-starved physician’s life.

The purpose that fuels our passion

Shortly after bringing my daughter, Jamie, home from the hospital she began to turn blue.

Doctors diagnosed her with pulmonary stenosis and recommended a treatment plan. It was agonizing to watch my tiny, beautiful girl go through procedure after invasive procedure, including a balloon valvectomy at just six months old.

Just as devastating: she didn’t need it.

After the valvectomy failed, Jamie’s medical team realized that she had congenital heart disease. The treatments had been useless—even harmful.

She’s a healthy adult now, and I am grateful to her care team for saving her life. But one thing I noticed during that difficult time hasn’t changed: postgraduate education for physicians is lacking. Guidelines change rapidly, innovation is exploding, and even the best doctors struggle to keep up.

Knowledge to Practice puts instructional techniques from adult learning experts in the hands of the best clinical educators to transform the way they teach and elevate physicians’ lifelong learning experience. Our personalized education enables clinicians to be always at the top of their game, so they can confidently make the best possible care decisions for their patients: our friends, our parents, and our children.

Mary Ellen Beliveau, Founder and CEO

Meet Our Team

We at Knowledge to Practice believe in working hard, working smarter, and always having a good sense of humor!


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Mary Ellen Beliveau, MEd

Founder and CEO

Visionary founder of Knowledge to Practice

Matt Chan

Chief Marketing Officer

Drives awareness, promotes K2P thought-leadership, and generates market demand

Eric Ashman, MS

Chief Technology Officer

Provides technical and development leadership for the team

Joe Lemheney

Chief Learning Officer

Learning and clinical leader, with years of experience in large healthcare systems

Maria Izurieta

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Leads financial operations and develops financial models

Kerry Hudson

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Leading strategy and development for BTB sales

Laurie Cordova

VP of Product

Innovator in SaaS product development