Careers and Job Opportunities at Knowledge to Practice

What is K2P?

Knowledge to Practice (K2P) provides practice-changing, healthcare education solutions to help transform patient care, enable continuity of care, and mitigate risks across hospitals and healthcare systems.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of healthcare by ensuring practitioners receive the latest and greatest clinical knowledge to deliver clinical care to their patients.

Our Team Culture

At K2P, you will be part of an early-stage startup with a fast-paced, positive culture. We are a small group of accomplished, highly driven and independent self-starters who, as a high performing team, deliver high quality personalized content and services to physicians. Intellectual curiosity, creativity, hard work and collaboration are all strands of our shared DNA. K2P seeks just the right person to join us as we build a truly game-changing business. We want to work with people who:

  • Shake Things Up – We believe that re-thinking the status quo is imperative and that those ideas can and should come from everyone on the team. The K2P brand is all about establishing a new way to teach and learn and as such disrupt the industry.
  • Make it Count – Every action we take needs to be impactful, respectful and leave both clients and colleagues excited to deal with us again.
  • Seek High Risk + High Reward Opportunities – The kind of change we are making involves breaking a few eggs, so we have to be courageous, adventurous and excited to try new things; we also have to admit when something is not working, own it, and do it better the next time.
  • Have Fun – We all have a passion for what we are doing and we have fun doing it. Life’s too short.

Cultural Competencies

The successful candidate will lead by example to achieve K2P’s product goals, broaden and deepen its skill sets and offerings, and endorse its culture and values.

  • Exemplifies the K2P Spirit: Takes calculated risks and commits to meeting or exceeding a standard of excellence. Takes responsibility for own results and maintains a professional image in all that they do, acquiring new expertise and skills that are of increasing value to the business.
  • Executive Maturity: Sees and understands the strengths and limitations of self, others and situations. Balances reason and toughness and the needs of all parties and the organization.
  • Strategic: Links long-range visions and concepts to daily work. Is aware of the impact of the world at large on strategies and how that affects choices. Thinks ahead to act on future needs and opportunities.
  • Integrity: Communicates intentions, ideas and feelings openly and directly, welcomes openness and honesty, even in difficult negotiations with other parties; admits own mistakes and takes action to correct them.
  • Service Orientation: Anticipates and responds quickly to stakeholder needs. Is open to suggestions for improvement and takes action on them.
  • Flexibility: Adapts to and works effectively in a variety of situations and with various individuals or groups. Easily grasps and appreciates different and opposing perspectives on an issue, adapts approach as the requirements of the situation change, and changes or easily accepts changes in one's own organization or job requirements.
  • Teamwork: Works closely, cooperatively and collaboratively with the K2P management team and others to tell stories through analytics, forces critical thinking through user stories, and drives strategic decision making and accountability across the leadership team.
  • Sense of Humor: Just because we take our responsibilities seriously doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves.