The Correct Answer is A!

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A 33-year-old woman presents with 6 months of increasing symptoms of SOB, now NYHA Class 2. She has no other medical problems, and on exam, has a normal JVP, clear lungs, a loud P2 but no murmur. Her CXR shows a dilated PA but clear lungs. ECG shows RVH, and an echocardiogram shows RV pressure overload with a TR velocity of 4.2 m/sec.

Which of the following tests would be appropriate for further diagnostic evaluation?

  1. V/Q scan
  2. CT chest
  3. TEE
  4. MRA chest

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1.  Source: "Comparative Analysis of Pre/Post Assessments of Live/Didactic Course Attendees when compared to Mico-Learning/Online Course Users., "Knowledge to Practice, 2017.