Faculty Development

Your faculty know a lot. Help them pass it on.

Just like medicine, education is constantly changing. Our medical faculty development curriculum is designed by adult learning experts to teach faculty to create learning objectives, teach for knowledge retention, and assess trainee progress using methods proven to engage millennial learners.


Faculty Development

Becoming an Expert Learner

  • Proficiency and expertise in learning

Building an Educationally Impactful Presentation

  • Don't overload your learners: cognitive load theory
  • How and when to use technology
  • Putting it all together

Educational Design Best Practices

  • Assessing learning outcomes
  • Bridging generational differences
  • The why and how of learning objectives
  • What problem are you trying to solve?

Facilitating Learning and Change

  • How experience promotes learning and change
  • How reflection promotes learning
  • What it takes to change performance

How Adults Learn

  • Adults as learners: Learning from Malcolm Knowles, PhD
  • Learning from experience: David Kolb, PhD
  • Overview

Why Faculty Development Matters

  • Introduction to faculty development
  • Self assessment

Faculty development they'll want to use.

Your faculty get an intuitive interface with content that is easy to consume in bite-sized chunks at any time on any device. Empower your faculty to improve their teaching skills without compromising their RVUs.