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The Connection Between Quality Metrics and Clinical Knowledge

Learn how improving clinical knowledge has helped leading healthcare providers impact their quality metrics.

5 Ways to Make Millennial Trainee Education Stick

Provide your faculty with a brief guide on how to help your millennial trainees better understand and retain information.

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What Kind of Learner Are You?

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The 21st Century Physician Learning Lifecycle

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CurrentMD Expert Perspective with Dr. Christopher Granger on the Nuances of DOACs for Atrial Fibrillation

Learn More About CurrentMD

Curious about CurrentMD and how it stands out among the rest? Watch these short clips that explain what makes CurrentMD the best resource to learn about emerging therapies.

How CurrentMD offers interactive content to help you learn and retain information better.
What makes CurrentMD unique is that it's designed with best practices in adult learning.
The top cardiologists across the U.S. took part in creating CurrentMD.
With CurrentMD, you can easily customize your course plan so you focus on just what you need to learn first.

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