doctor holding echocardiograph

As the art and science of echocardiography deepens in complexity and nuance, training programs that aspire to a superior level III curriculum must commit to providing complex and in-depth clinical exposure, including opportunities to practice and to refine point-of-care skills.  

A recent ACC feature article  (Oct. 8, 2019) reviews the  ACC, American Heart Association (AHA) and American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) Joint Advanced Training Statement which outlines core and advanced competencies for echocardiographers.

Although demonstrated mastery of these competencies is the ultimate goal, the guidelines also outline minimum procedural volume numbers for those in training.

For those who may appreciate additional opportunities to practice coding skills, K2P offers practice coding exams in echocardiography, angiography and ECG interpretation, providing yet another way to support training programs through opportunities for mastery.

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