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How (and Why) to Keep up with Emerging Medicine

Emerging Medicine

Staying on top of emerging medicine is vital for providing the best care to patients and has multiple benefits for physicians. For patients, the benefits are obvious. Medical knowledge is constantly changing, and frequently, practices that were once considered “best practice” are now overturned by new clinical trials. For physicians, those who keep actively learning…

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Three Tips for Chief Residents and Fellows

help trainees succeed

Chiefs play a vital role in ensuring that residents and fellows are performing at a high level and providing good care to patients. A recent study on remediating struggling residents found that the chief resident was often the first person to notice a resident’s problem behavior (84% of the time). Since residents and fellows often…

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How Much Knowledge Do Physicians Lose over Time?

doctor studying books medical knowledge

You’ve probably already heard the statistics about how quickly medical knowledge is doubling (in 2010, medical knowledge doubled every ten years, by 2020 it will double every 73 days) but the massive increase in new knowledge physicians need to gain is only half of the problem. The other half is the amount of foundational medical…

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Personalized learning can speed board review by 75%

doctor learning laptop

In case you weren’t convinced by our post on flipping your classroom, here are some hard numbers to show you why personalized learning is far superior to didactics for board review. At Knowledge to Practice, we’ve always understood the advantages of personalized learning, but now that more than 5,000 physicians have used our platform, we have…

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How Dominant Learning Styles Hurt Physician Learners

doctor tablet brain

In my experience, people teaching physicians feel very strongly about learning styles – they either see them as really important or a bunch of nonsense. I believe the theory is actually well grounded – the problem is the application. For example, at my kids’ school, they have them take a learning assessment and then they…

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Not learning much from CME? It’s not your fault

doctors talking hallway

If you feel like you learn more having conversations in the hallway with your peers than you do from CME, you’re probably right. Our current system is more about checking a box than providing meaningful learning experiences. The ordeal I went through with my daughter showed me firsthand the failure of our post-graduate medical education system. I…

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