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Emerging Medicine

Mitral Regurgitation Treatment: COAPT vs. MITRA-FR Trials

doctor holding echocardiograph

A recent letter in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (Tan, Pereira Nunes, 74 (14)) underscores the diagnostic challenges associated with functional mitral regurgitation and the importance of an integrated approach to interpretation of the COAPT and MITRA-FR trials when determining the course of treatment for patients with functional mitral valve regurgitation.

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The Evolution Of CardioOncology

Evolution Of CardioOncology

The inaugural issue of the American College of Cardiology’s journal JACC: CardioOncology was released last week, underscoring both the evolution and the importance of cardiovascular health in the cancer patient population. Anti-cancer agents such as angiogenesis inhibitors and pro-inflammatory cytokines can cause beneficial effects against cancer, but deleterious effects on the heart and vessels. Improved…

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How (and Why) to Keep up with Emerging Medicine

Staying on top of emerging medicine is vital for providing the best care to patients and has multiple benefits for physicians. For patients, the benefits are obvious. Medical knowledge is constantly changing, and frequently, practices that were once considered “best practice” are now overturned by new clinical trials. For physicians, those who keep actively learning…

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