Work-Life Balance

Helping Physicians Manage Burnout and Administrative Overload

doctor paperwork burnout

  The life of healthcare professionals has become more and more challenging every day. New rollouts of EHRs, changing guidelines and ongoing administrative tasks are now occupying physicians’ time. With less time focused on treating patients, burnout is becoming more common. The growing number of administrative tasks are causing burnout for almost half of physicians.…

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Articles You Should Be Reading Over the Holidays

doctor reading newspaper

It’s that time of year. Your in-laws have taken over your house and you’re looking for an escape, or you’re traipsing through a crowded airport full of grumpy travelers. To provide you with a useful distraction, we’ve compiled a list of light holiday reading to bring you up to speed on some of the current…

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Five Things We’re Thankful For

thanksgiving meal turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you spent yesterday enjoying time with friends and family and gorging yourself on delicious food. If you’re feeling a little guilty about everything you just ate, check back next week to hear from a cardiologist on why he’s become vegan – and why you and your patients should too. In the…

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Welcome to Knowledge to Practice!


As a doctor, you are up to four times more likely to commit suicide than your non-medical friends and family. More than one in 10 physicians will develop a substance abuse problem, and professional burnout is markedly higher among physicians than it is in the general population. Being a physician is not good for your mental…

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