7 Black Physicians You Should Know

black physician

The medical field is constantly changing due to innovative ideas, technology, and systems that are shaping the way we care for patients. Though the industry has made many advances,  diversity within the workforce has been slow to catch up. According to AMSA, racial and ethnic minorities comprise 26% of the total population of the United States,…

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Want to Help Your Millennial Trainees Learn? Treat Them Like Adults.

millenial doctors taking selfie

If you’re struggling to help your millennial trainees learn, you’re not alone. No generation seems to baffle—or annoy—other generations like millennials. But there is some good news. While the millennials in your program may seem young, they are, in fact, adults with adult learning needs. Part of the reason your millennial trainees aren’t retaining information is…

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Personalized learning can speed board review by 75%

doctor learning laptop

In case you weren’t convinced by our post on flipping your classroom, here are some hard numbers to show you why personalized learning is far superior to didactics for board review. At Knowledge to Practice, we’ve always understood the advantages of personalized learning, but now that more than 5,000 physicians have used our platform, we have…

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Articles You Should Be Reading Over the Holidays

doctor reading newspaper

It’s that time of year. Your in-laws have taken over your house and you’re looking for an escape, or you’re traipsing through a crowded airport full of grumpy travelers. To provide you with a useful distraction, we’ve compiled a list of light holiday reading to bring you up to speed on some of the current…

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Knowledge to Practice Launches K2P CurrentMD, a New, Adaptive, On-The-Go Medical Education Solution for Practicing Physicians

CurrentMD enables physicians to easily stay up-to-date on emerging and challenging healthcare topics anytime and anywhere Bethesda, MD – April 11, 2018 – Knowledge to Practice (K2P), a leading provider of personalized, competency-based lifelong learning for practicing physicians, today announced the official launch of K2P CurrentMD. The learner-centric platform delivers actionable clinical content on emerging…

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4 Women Cardiologists Breaking Barriers

International Women’s Day is a special time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This global action takes place on March 8th but is celebrated all month long. Here are a few women physicians who are making an outsized impact on the medical field. Heidi Connolly, MD Dr. Connolly is a Professor of…

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The average physician is missing 44% of basic medical knowledge

doctor physician studying

With medical knowledge expanding exponentially, it’s harder and harder for already time-strapped physicians to keep up. These knowledge gaps make it difficult for physicians to make the best decisions for their patients, leading to subpar care. Here’s what we found when we reviewed data from over 5,000 physicians who took a baseline assessment for basic…

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5 Ways to Better Influence Without Authority (Even if You Have It)

woman like a boss mug

As a physician leader, you will no doubt have the honor of owning a major change initiative at your institution at some point (if you haven’t already), and you’ll be forced to find ways to bring numerous stakeholders on board without having any authority over them. As healthcare  organizations become larger and more complex, the…

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