Product pricing supports physicians, practices, training programs, and departments

CORE FEATURESPhysicianTraining ProgramDepartmentHealth System
Personalized Learning PlansXXXX
Bite-sized (20-minute or less) ModulesXXXX
Expert Perspective Videos from Top CliniciansXXXX
Case-based, Practical Learning ActivitiesXXXX
Knowledge Benchmarking Against Other PhysiciansXXXX
Audio RecordingsXXXX
Downloadable Presentation SlidesXXXX
Foundational Clinical ContentXXXX
Practice Coding ExamsXX
Question BankXX
CME and MOC CreditXXXX
Emerging Clinical ContentXXX
Distillation of Current Medical LiteratureXXX
Ability to Share Content with ColleaguesXX
INSTITUTIONAL FEATURESPhysicianTraining ProgramDepartmentHealth System
Dashboard to Address Individual Learner Progress and Aggregate Knowledge GapsX
Faculty Training on Adult Learning Best PracticesXXX
Benchmarking Against Publicly Reported DataXX
Non-clinical Modules (e.g., team-based care, documentation, policies and procedures)XX
Common Knowledge Base for all CliniciansXX
Peer-to-Peer Communication within Learning PlatformX
Ability to Load Institution's Content into Learning PlatformX
CUSTOMER SERVICESPhysicianTraining ProgramDepartmentHealth System
Live ChatXXXX
24/7 AvailabilityXXX
Dedicated Account ManagerXXX
Dedicated Project ManagerX
Content Development SupportX
On-Call Continuing Education Implementation AdviceX