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Provide targeted guidance across your internal medicine program.

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Internal Medicine

Increasing transparency into learning

For residency program leaders, continuously assessing trainees' skills and knowledge mastery is challenging. With busy schedules, program directors are often limited to clinical observations or annual assessments of multiple residents.

Knowledge to Practice (K2P) offers online learning programs that change internal medicine training programs’ approach to teaching and learning. K2P solutions offer:

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Personalized learning needs​

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Latest Mayo Clinic content​

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Greater visibility into learning​

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Learning in less time​

K2P for Training Programs

Extend Internal Medicine Training

K2P for Training Programs - Internal Medicine is a time-saving solution that focuses on residents' learning needs beyond clinical walls

K2P applies online education best practices to the Mayo Clinic's internal medicine content in order to maximize knowledge mastery.

Teaching and Learning

A Comprehensive Solution

K2P's internal medicine solution supports the success of program leaders and residents

For Program Directors


Visibility into individual, program year, or entire program’s progress​


Progress towards level of knowledge for specific or entire curriculum


Data to support areas for subsequent faculty development


Frequency at which trainees engage with learning

For Trainees


Access to the latest on cardiovascular medicine


Short, easily-digestible micro-learning modules in multiple media formats


Personalized, competency-based learning plan for each user


"What I'm loving about this dashboard... is that I can check improvement... it tells me they are getting smarter.  For me, that's hard to beat."

- M. Martinez, MD, Program Director

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