Residency and Fellowship Programs

Residency and Fellowship Programs

Our offering helps residency and fellowship directors by augmenting the curriculum and giving visibility into residents’ areas of mastery and weakness, all while being customized to the digital learner.

Directors can:
  • Assign ABIM and ACGME content to fit in with their curriculum
  • Use standard and custom reporting to see where residents/fellows are struggling
  • Expect an average of a 34% lift between pre- and post-tests in the course
And residents/fellows will receive:
  • Customized study plan that exposes areas of weakness
  • Content separated into short 5-15 minute chunks
  • Experience with board-style questions to help prepare for the exam


Healthcare Systems

Our offering ensures your physicians are engaged in learning that is personalized, relevant and drives mastery.
  • Provides objective assessments of physician performance and knowledge
  • Delivers top tier curriculum and content, personalized to address knowledge and performance competencies.
  • Ensures competent credentialed MD’s
  • Improves reimbursement capabilities



Our offering is designed to help new generations of clinicians practice at the top of their game, and we do it in a way that is more engaging, efficient, effective, and accessible.
  • Superior content from leading institutions
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Improved retention and mastery
  • Ensures top performance
  • Easily accessible anywhere, anytime


We offer a learner-centric approach to clinical education that heightens the assimilation of content and its practical application.

  •  Content is structured to facilitate self-directed learning.
  •  Self-assessment tools reveal knowledge gaps.
  •  Blind peer comparisons rank comparative performance.
  •  Content modules can be reviewed repeatedly, as needed.

One Learner’s Story

Although I’d really only set out to satisfy my credentialing requirements, I was surprised by some of the results of my pre-test and found myself desiring to achieve mastery to ensure I give the absolute best clinical care to my patients.

I began to traverse small modules of content in personally relevant ways, both synchronous and asynchronous with the care I was providing.

When I came to the live course, I was prepared to acquire mastery, I brought my patient case studies, I planned questions for specific faculty . . . I felt my ability to assimilate new knowledge and skills had improved.

Post-course, I had the opportunity to test this knowledge, building my confidence, self-efficacy and providing me with point of care tools to support areas in which I didn’t even realize I needed mastery!